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Medical services

Liquor analysis

CSF analysis is a specific testing format that is prescribed to take place when there are suspicions of many severe pathological conditions. Due to the complexity of the procedure, especially in children, the doctor will issue a referral to the diagnostic room only after an indirect confirmation of the pre-set diagnosis.
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Grapes are a universal berry. Raisins, jellies and wine are made from it. It contains many beneficial substances, including antioxidants. And it is also known that there are a lot of resveratrol in grapes - a substance that has properties that are beneficial to the heart. What is known today about grapes Grapes are a perennial plant belonging to the Vitis family.
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Desserts and sweets

Pear jam

The best addition to hot tea on a winter evening is aromatic pear jam. This is a traditional dish, familiar to many from childhood. During the prepared delicacy will allow you to enjoy the taste of this fruit all year round. But a pear is good not only in classic jam. Nowadays, recipes are popular that will allow you to stock up on sweet fruit in any form and combination, there are even those that are suitable for meat dishes.
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Flour products


The classic loaf is an oblong-shaped bakery product. Over time, people began to call it not only pastries, but also other culinary delights that have an identical shape, for example, frozen minced meat. Among consumers, this representative of bakery is in demand constantly due to his outstanding taste characteristics.
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Diet food

Body Drying Diet for Girls

Drying the body for men and girls is to get rid of fat reserves with minimal harm to muscle tissue. Initially, the term was used in bodybuilding - before the competition, athletes sat on a special diet, so that by day “X” they would be able to hit the jury with the relief of their muscles.
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