Although the sale of organs is officially banned, many people sell their organs on the black market for big money. Even the fact that for such actions in some European countries there is an article of the criminal code, the term of imprisonment of up to seven years does not frighten off living flesh dealers. The only country in the world where the trade of donor organs is allowed at the legislative level is Iran. Yes, in this way they got rid of the lack of viscera for transplantation, but Iranian donors are practically all below the poverty line.

What keeps the black market of donor organs

It is allowed to transfer the bodies to relatives who need a transplant free of charge, or to take them from a deceased person, with the consent of his relatives. If these conditions are met, the transplant operation will be freely carried out at any institute of transplantology.

In this case, the illegal trade in the viscera has not been canceled. People voluntarily sell their own organs on the Internet, mainly due to quick and easy enrichment. And at the same time absolutely do not think about the consequences.

During the crisis of 2008–2009, the entire global network was full of organs. This was due to the fact that people often became hostages of banks because of the impossibility of repaying loans due to loss of work or other rather weighty circumstances. To date, judging by the statistics, the sale of organs is carried out with the aim of accumulating funds for the operation to the child, improving housing conditions and welfare in general. Some thus settle scores with life, while feeling like a sort of heroes: helped another person at the cost of his own life.

The black market for transplantation is flourishing, and this is largely due to the fact that being on a legal list of waiting for donor organs does not guarantee their receipt. For example, in the United States of America, about one hundred thousand people are expecting a kidney transplant, and this wait lasts an average of three to five years. But it should also be noted that many of this list are dying, without waiting for the promised operation. And their number often reaches up to five thousand people annually.

It turns out that official medicine is unable to help such patients, and they are forced to take any measures to survive. Such patients very often seek help from illegal immigrants. Residents of prosperous and rich countries often turn their eyes to poor and poor countries, where you can buy donor organs that are guaranteed to extend their lives for another ten to fifteen years.

The price of illegal transplantation

Evaluate their own organs to the best of their appetites. There are cases when the cost of a single dose of sperm reached several thousand dollars, although its “red” legal price is about twenty dollars. In other cases, sellers make discounts on "drunk" liver. The average age of such merchants is between twenty and thirty years.

Often, the sale of donor organs is organized by intermediaries. They are intermediaries between potential buyers and sellers of their viscera. At the same time, the first are ready to give crazy money for a kidney - about one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and the last in the end is about seven to ten percent of this amount. Thus, intermediaries profit from donors in full, sometimes resorting to violence, fraud and coercion. In addition, it is hard on the black market to verify information about the true state of health of the seller, and, to a large extent, no one was going to check.

There are cases when potential donors are simply killed for the sake of getting their organs. This is often the most popular method of organ harvesting, common in prisons in China and other parts of the world. Of course, a huge thirst for profit is to blame. Any possibility of enrichment attracts those immoral and cynical people who are ready to use it at any opportunity.

The most popular bodies on the black market

The kidneys are one of the most popular organs on the black market. This is not surprising, because people selling such goods believe that they can live comfortably with one kidney. However, the opinions of experts on this subject largely diverge. Some claim that living with one kidney significantly weakens the body, which leads to constant inflammatory processes and the emergence of chronic diseases. Others, on the contrary, believe that one kidney is sufficient for metabolic processes in the body. However, it is argued that a donor who has decided to donate his kidney to save another person must be completely healthy and have no contraindications for such an operation.

At the same time, transplant surgeons agree that the risk of an organ transplant is always there and it should be done only by experienced and qualified doctors. And people who trade gut illegally are at such a risk much more.

On the Internet there are many sites on a similar topic. They are detailed and colorfully painted prospects opening up to the potential seller of their own kidney. In addition, a tearful story is given, necessarily with a happy ending, about how selling a kidney helped various people cope with intractable problems, and how they now live happily ever after. The price of a kidney on the black market varies from seventy to eighty thousand dollars for a healthy organ.

The liver is estimated on the black market at about twenty to fifty thousand dollars. Such an organ in the human body exists in a single copy, so only part of it is taken for transplantation. However, the liver has a very high regenerative capacity. Thus, even after a part of the organ was removed for transplantation, in six months the liver will recover again and will carry out all its functions in full. A transplant operation should be carried out after a full examination and in the absence of contraindications.

The brain is also sold in parts. Moreover, all doctors unanimously declare that without a part of the bone marrow, it will be much more difficult for a person to recover from injuries. However, this does not stop potential donors who sell their brains at prices ranging from thirty to sixty thousand dollars.

In some cases, especially when a person urgently needs money, you can observe the phenomenon of dumping. At the same time, the donor deliberately puts a low price for the organ, explaining that a specific amount is required, but rather quickly, for example, for a child’s surgery or something else.

There are cases of sale of the cornea. The price for a part of the body varies from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.

A little different situation with the heart. Such an organ can only be transplanted from a deceased person, which is why the heart is practically the most expensive organ sold. Its price reaches eighty-one hundred twenty thousand dollars on the black market. At the same time there are some donors who want to part with life, sacrificing for someone their own heart. But such victims are also punishable by law.

Legal trade in live goods

From the legal wages, the sale of blood, sperm and eggs is the most prominent. The latter have the greatest demand. Sometimes egg donor announcements can be found even on job placement websites. At the same time, healthy delivery women who are not older than thirty-four years are usually sought as a donor. For some, the appearance of a woman is also important: at the same time blondes with blue eyes are more popular. Potential egg sellers compare this procedure with blood transfusion. To some it may just be vital. However, doctors do not advise donating eggs more than ten times.

For sperm donors, a high standard is also set: a mentally balanced man, physically healthy and without bad habits. In addition, the main selection criterion is that the donor has its own children. Sperm can be taken quite often, and its price is about twenty dollars per dose.

Closes this top three - blood donation, which is the cheapest service in this market.

Summing up

Constant shortage of donor organs generates demand for them all over the world. The need for transplantation is satisfied only by ten percent, according to various statistical data. That is why more than ten thousand transplants are performed on the black market every year, as evidenced by the data of the World Health Organization.

Selling organs with living donors can enrich a person by about two hundred thousand dollars.

A dead donor is much more valuable - in such cases, the price of its organs can reach several million dollars. But it should be remembered that such organs remain operable only for several days, after which it will be impossible to transplant them.

Anyway, when selling organs you should not be seduced by attractive prospects. It should always be remembered that human life is priceless, and sacrificing thoughtlessly it and your health for the sake of profit is simply unwise.

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