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Pressure therapy

By pressotherapy or hardware lymphatic drainage massage, specialists mean a completely painless procedure for eliminating stagnant lymph processes in various lymphatic zones of the human body. Lymphatic drainage consists in a sequential process of compressing a person’s limbs with the help of specialized cuffs with compressed air inside. In such cuffs, several compartments are arranged sequentially, which can be filled with air in different order and with different volumes. Thus, the compression force of the body is regulated, which determines the direction of the procedure - press massage or lymphatic drainage. In parallel with this, lymph is absorbed in the body and the skin is cleansed, the microcirculation of blood improves in it, the soft tissues around the affected areas are positively affected.

Pressotherapy Basics

Pressotherapy is recognized as a highly effective physiotherapeutic apparatus method of positive effect on the subcutaneous tissues of the body. As a result, the patient undergoes lymphatic drainage, that is, the release of cells from stagnant excess fluid.

Using pressotherapy, it became possible to effectively and very actively influence the lymphatic flow in the body, remove stagnation of fluids, toxins, and also intensify the nutritional and cleansing processes in the tissues. Thanks to these properties, using pressotherapy, you can significantly improve the body using the physiological process of drainage and the healing power of the massage. With the help of pressure therapy, getting rid of edema occurs quickly and efficiently, which contributes to a significant reduction in body volume. Lymphatic drainage massage effectively combat cellulite and various stages of obesity. Flabby skin acquires turgor and tone, the processes of giving the skin smoothness and youth are started.

The main function of the lymphatic system of the body is not nutritional or protective, but above all, cleansing. When using methods of pressotherapy and the release of stagnant fluid, the water balance in the body is normalized, poisonous toxins are eliminated, and the circulation of lymph and fluid between tissue cells is normalized. Thus, venous blood circulation is significantly improved, metabolic processes in skin and fat cells are activated.

Using pressotherapy in the cosmetology industry, they fight edema of various etiologies, improve skin turgor, neutralize cellulite manifestations, eliminate obesity, and lead the skin to a young, renewed state. In a medical environment, pressotherapy is also known as pulsed barotherapy. Its main properties for doctors are antispasmodic and vasodilator effects, which help with the complex therapy of muscle tension, as well as in the range of preventive procedures aimed at combating varicose veins. The technique helps to remove the feeling of heaviness in the lower extremities and effectively tones the vascular walls. Also, such a technique perfectly copes with post-traumatic edema or edema resulting from surgery. After liposuction, doctors use pressotherapy as a rehabilitation procedure.

Contraindications for the methodology

The main contraindications in order to apply pressure therapy in a particular case are some pathologies and conditions of the body, in which this massage is very undesirable. Doctors include such contraindications:

  • the presence of hypertension, bleeding, menstruation or pregnancy;
  • acute fever, high body temperature, acute inflammation, pulmonary edema;
  • hepatic, renal failure, angiopathy in the presence of diabetes;
  • advanced stages of varicose veins, acute thrombosis, deep venous thrombosis, thrombophlebitis;
  • the presence of edema of the heart, aneurysm of the aorta, heart, blood vessels and heart failure of 2-3 degrees;
  • recent stroke or heart attack;
  • the presence of fractures and other injuries at the place of use or near the area for pressure therapy;
  • suppuration and other damage to the skin, the undesirability of provoking increased lymph flow or venous blood supply;
  • various neoplasms that have a tendency to grow and spread;
  • installed implants for various purposes that cannot be removed.

However, even in cases where the patient does not have the above contraindications, the appointment of lymphatic drainage massage sessions is carried out exclusively by specialists after a complete diagnosis of the patient's body.

Pressotherapy and its results

The very course of the lymphatic drainage massage procedure implies putting on special cuffs on the limbs, hips or waist of the patient, into which air with different pressure is pumped into the compressor. At the same time, the soft tissues of the patient shrink in a wave-like fashion, which leads to an increase in blood circulation in the body. Special equipment creates the effect of lymphatic drainage massage through rhythmic oscillatory movements. The cyclical nature of this massage leads to the removal of both stagnant fluid and unnecessary metabolic products located between the cells. After this, the swelling goes away, and the walls of the vessels become stronger. When pressure of lower intensity is applied to the cuffs, the vessels begin to expand, and the blood flow, accordingly, increases. The procedure also activates the lymphatic system, leading to the cleansing of the body of accumulated toxins and toxins. Fats begin to decompose in an enhanced mode, the excretion of decomposition products is activated, metabolic processes in tissue cells are accelerated.

Gentle pressotherapy is perfect for those who cannot use lymphatic drainage electro-stimulating muscle massage, as well as ultrasound, manual massages and electrophoresis for health reasons.

You can conduct pressotherapy sessions every day. Each session lasts about 45 minutes, however, the length is always individually determined by a specialist, depending on the condition of the patient and his characteristics. At the end of the sessions, a person feels a surge of energy, strength, he has a feeling of lightness or vigor.

When completing a full course of lymphatic drainage massage sessions, all the manifestations of cellulite are eliminated as its results, the elasticity and elasticity of the skin increases significantly. Compressed air during lymphatic drainage activates healing processes in the field of fiber, lymph and intercellular fluid. After undergoing surgical interventions, pressotherapy reduces the rehabilitation time by intensifying blood flow and metabolic processes, which contributes to increased nutrition of tissues, organs and systems.

An obvious quickly noticeable result of pressure therapy is the elimination of puffiness of any etiology, the reduction of body volume. In this case, the balance of fluid in the body is normalized and toxins are eliminated. Also, at an early stage of varicose veins, pressotherapy helps to anticipate the development of the disease, eliminates its manifestations, promotes antispasmodic effects and vasodilation.

After the sessions of lymphatic drainage massage, the patient increases stress resistance, immunity, mood, resulting in significantly improved well-being, the patient feels a surge of energy and strength. At the same time, this type of massage actively helps to relax the patient's body, which gives lightness to the body and elevation of thoughts and feelings.

Even after just one procedure, positive changes become noticeable. They persist for a long time after the end of the course of pressure therapy. It is important to understand that massage using compressed air can be combined with wraps or other corrective cosmetic techniques.

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