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Eyelash analysis for demodex

Demodecosis is an inflammatory disease of the skin of the eyelids and face that causes a particular type of tick. Mite (demodex) penetrates the skin and lives in hair follicles and sebaceous glands. The disease is very common, as the tick survives in any climatic conditions, and about 5% of the world's population is infected with it. Most often, demodicosis is observed in people older than 50 years, since the work of the sebaceous glands is favorable for ticks.

Demodecosis develops for various reasons, including: the abuse of fatty, salty, sweet, pickled foods; intoxication of the whole organism, etc. It is important to timely consult a dermatologist and pass an analysis of eyelashes for demodicosis. If you do not determine it in time, the disease will progress, as a result, a number of uncomfortable and aesthetic disorders will develop. If you do not treat the disease, it can go from the skin of the face to other areas of the body. How to correctly determine the presence of demodicosis? When should I go to the doctor?

Independently at home to determine the presence of demodicosis is difficult. Most often, women with fair skin are exposed to the disease. Recognize the presence of the disease will only medical examination. Most often, dermatologists prescribe a laboratory diagnosis of eyelashes and skin, during which the counting is carried out: eggs, adults, nymphs and larvae.

To determine the presence of the disease should be a dermatologist. It is necessary to consult a doctor if symptoms such as: abundant acne rash are visualized; itching, peeling, redness; increased skin greasiness; earthy gray face; itchy ears; feeling crawling under the skin. Indicator of the presence of the disease is also loss of eyelashes, an allergic reaction to mascara and other cosmetic means. Mite Demodex folliculorum - a hair mite, lives mainly in hair follicles, has a short form. The doctor, after a thorough examination, prescribes the direction for the study on demodicosis.

The scraping allows you to determine in one cell the presence, type and number of parasites. The results of the scraping allow the doctor to select the most effective treatment. It is worth noting that the analysis from the eyelashes will be the most effective during the determination of the presence of Demodex; their accumulation in the hair follicles may be maximal.

Important points for the procedure

Prepare properly before scraping. A week before the analysis, it is important not to use alkaline skin care products: gels, lotions and washbasins. It is also necessary to abandon any decorative cosmetics. To wash only with ordinary water at room temperature. Scraping is taken with:

  • eyelashes;
  • brows;
  • cheeks;
  • forehead.

The analysis of eyelashes for demodex is performed as follows: a doctor from each eye takes 4 eyelashes from each eyelid (from the upper and lower eyelashes, a total of 16 eyelashes) for analysis with hair follicles. After placing the hairs in a special alkaline solution, which is based on glycerin. Further studies are carried out under a special powerful microscope. Step-by-step procedure of the procedure: scraping is completely painless, only causes a little discomfort, it is worth being prepared that the doctor can pierce one pimple for analysis; All materials for research (except eyelashes) are placed on glass with a drop of alkali-glycerin solution; the analysis is carried out immediately and the result will be known within a few hours.

Interpretation of results

Results are considered to be positive if either mite eggs or the mites themselves were found in the collected materials. If only the egg shells were visualized, the analysis is repeated.

The detected individual tick must be correctly identified, more precisely, to determine its species. The algorithm of further treatment depends on whether a long tick or a short one.

It is recommended to carry out the analysis in the first half of the day, preferably in the morning, as ticks are afraid of direct sunlight and hide.

Demodex tests can be taken in any laboratory, both public and private. The study is included in the list of services of almost all modern-type laboratories. It is not necessary to take a referral from a dermatologist, only the patient’s desire is taken into account. In state institutions, the analysis can be submitted completely free of charge with the condition of providing a referral from a doctor. And in private clinics, the price may vary. Details of the price analysis can be found on the laboratory website or by phone. One can only say that the cost is purely symbolic.

When choosing a diagnostic center, it is necessary to take into account the quality of the services performed and the professionalism of the staff, and it will not hurt to read reviews from real customers. Remember, the procedure must be carried out in a completely sterile environment, since infection can be carried through the skin and significantly aggravate the condition.

Ophthalmodemodecosis - eye demodicosis

Subcutaneous mites can cause specific eye damage - keratitis and episcleritis, blepharoconjunctivitis, demodecous blepharitis. Demodecosis of the eyes can occur both separately and in combination with skin demodecosis. The main indicator of the presence of the disease is: loss of eyelashes, frequent barley formation, mucus formation in the conjunctival cavity, a large number of scales form at the roots of eyelashes, eyelid edema, itching, eye strain.

Most often, the disease is observed in women aged twenty to forty years. To treat the disease is difficult and long, so you need to be patient.

When a disease is detected, the doctor prescribes at least a two-month course of treatment, during which it is necessary to perform the following actions: refuse feather pillows, knitted or terry products; change pillow case every day; sleep only on the back; wash bed linen at high temperatures, after which it must be ironed; forget about cosmetics; throw away all cosmetic brushes, sponges, mascara, eye pencil, eye shadow, etc .; at the time of treatment, completely abandon any cosmetics, except moisturizing creams (all the preparations that will be used for treatment, dry the skin). Yes, you have to suffer, but the result is worth it.

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