A fish


Lemonema is a representative of marine fish belonging to the cod-like family. May be different in size. Sometimes there are so-called giants. Their length can reach up to 70 centimeters in length, and the weight of approximately three kilograms.

The body is oblong with slightly flattened sides. The meat has a white color and there are practically no small bones. Covered with fine brown scales.

What is useful lemona

Experts recommend eating this food to the elderly, adolescents, pregnant women and children.

They are convinced that the protein of this product is identical in nutritional value to the protein of meat. Scientists have even proven that it is better absorbed by the human body.

The composition is saturated with a large number of beneficial trace elements and vitamins. 150 g of pure fillet contains the daily rate of iodine.

Like any other marine inhabitant, the lemonme is filled with polyunsaturated fatty acids, which have a powerful antioxidant effect.

Thus, if you eat it twice a week, it will interfere with heart and vascular pathologies. You can also avoid the development of malignant diseases.

Nutritionists even prescribe the meat of a marine inhabitant to patients who have diabetes. It completely lacks carbohydrates, which contributes to an increase in the level of glucose in blood serum.

People who are overweight can also eat this product, as it has a low calorie content. Thanks to vitamins, proteins and microelements, people do not feel hunger for a long time.

On the Internet you can find various reviews about this product. But, of course, the positive prevail, as it brings great benefits to the human body.

Remember that the benefits and harm are directly dependent on the correct choice.

Is there a contraindication for this product?

Leonema can eat everyone and not worry that in some way this product can harm your health.

The only contraindication is individual intolerance.

In this case, an allergic reaction can begin, which manifests itself by various skin rashes.

Composition and calorie

The composition of the meat includes:

  • vitamins of group B, PP, E;
  • nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, fluorine, chromium, manganese, iodine, zinc, iron, phosphorus, chlorine, sodium.

This product belongs to low-calorie, but it is worth remembering that in the fried form there are much more calories than boiled or baked.

Energy value of the product
Calorie content67 kcal

Lemonma roe

Salted and dried Lemona caviar is a variety that belongs to pink caviar. The composition is filled with a low content of proteins and fats. In taste it is not inferior to the meat itself.

This is a kind of valuable delicacy. The composition includes iodine, vitamins A, D, E and other vital trace elements.

If you eat it at least once a week, you can strengthen cardiovascular work, normalize blood pressure indicators, maintain body tone.

It also contains a large amount of carbohydrates, which are easily digested, and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Very often on sale you can find such food as dried caviar. It can be used to make various salads. Also ideal for beer lovers as a savory snack.

How to choose the right fish

Specialists involved in fish, have developed several tips that will allow you to choose the right product.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the eyes. Before buying, you need to carefully examine this body. They should be convex and in any case not cloudy. This is a sign of ignorance. Remember that any fish should have bright eyes.

The body itself must be smooth. Pay attention to humidity. If the fish is dry, then it is not worth taking. Any mucus, stains, damage is a sign of damage.

If you want to check the product for freshness, then lightly press down on it with your finger. If the groove is quickly restored, then the fish can be taken. If the recess remains in its original position - the fish is stale. If you buy frozen, try to choose the one that has less snow and ice. Otherwise, it has already been frozen and thawed several times.

How to cook

To date, find a lemon in the store is easy. In recent years, it has become more popular and the recipes for its preparation are quite diverse. Since it is transported from a distant part of Russia, it is mainly sold frozen.

Outwardly, it does not cause much appetite, and very few people would have thought that it could be cooked at all. But, unlike others, it has excellent taste characteristics and many useful properties.

It is not expensive. Anyone who does not want to bother with cutting can only buy fillets. Before cooking it is necessary to defrost it properly. Remember that defrosting is carried out only by natural means. To do this, put it in the fridge. After defrosting, let stand for a couple of hours at room temperature. In this way, the food will retain the perfect meat structure.

It tastes like cod. The color of the meat is also white, but with a softer structure. The main advantage is that the bones are almost completely absent. There are many recipes for cooking and you can choose for every taste. Can be cooked in fried, boiled and baked in the form. Also very tasty is the soup from this food.

Residents of Japan eat it raw, using sushi for cooking. In the Far East of Japan, the liver is more popular.

The stores sell food in the form of carcasses. They lack a head, tail and scales. On average, the weight is 370-420 grams. If for cooking you need only a sirloin part, then when dressing you will have little waste. Scientists conducted experiments and found that on average waste is 10%.

Fish is easy to cut. For a start, we defrost the carcass. After that we need to clear it of fins. There is nothing complicated, just make an incision on both sides of the fin. Then remove all the insides from the abdominal cavity. It is very important to eliminate the black film. Otherwise, it will add bitterness to your dish. Carefully separate the loin from the ridge. This will help us a sharp knife.

The cooking recipes in the oven are varied. We will tell you about the most common. For this we need one bird, one onion and carrot, bay leaf, seasoning to taste, vegetable oil (for frying) and ketchup.

We split the fish (as we described above). Cut into portions. We rinse under running water and lay out on a colander to glass the excess water. Marinate the pieces with all the spices and lay them on the foil and on the baking sheet. Put a bay leaf on top. Make a fry of carrots and onions. We spread everything on the fish. Mix the ketchup with water, pour the dish with our mixture and cover with foil. We bake at a temperature of 180 degrees. Preparation takes approximately 40 minutes. If you want to achieve a golden crust, then in half an hour you can deploy.

Serve as a main dish, and as an addition to the side dish. Such a recipe in the oven will not leave you indifferent. Enjoy your meal!

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