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This is a valuable commercial fish of the salmon family. But even though it looks like red fish, its meat is whiter. There are a huge number of species that are almost indistinguishable among themselves, but significantly differ in taste. In addition, the meat and caviar of this fish have useful vitamins and minerals necessary for a full human diet.

Appearance and habitat

Signs of the difference of whitefish from other fish of this species are difficult to distinguish. They are so similar to each other that they are difficult to distinguish. Most often, it is found in silver with a darker, striped back. His large head with a lower mouth stands out well. The fins are also dark in color, sometimes even species with a deep black color are found. Whitefish has a lifespan of approximately 20 years. Sigi are both small and large, in general they can reach a length of up to 70 cm and a body weight of up to 12 kg.

There are many types of whitefish by the number of branchial stamens: low stamen, middle stamen and multi stamen. Their stamens are both smooth and jagged.

Such many species are justified by the very vast habitat of this fish. Sigi can live in lakes and in rivers, some of them are migratory, that is, some part of life lives in the sea, and some in the rivers flowing into it. They are both planktophages feeding on planktonic organisms, and predators. Among them are found both deep-sea individuals and shallow ones. Lake and river whitefish far outnumber migratory fish and their habitat is also much wider.

Sigi are mostly northern fish. But unlike such relatives as, for example, omul live not only in Siberia. In Russia, this fish is found in almost all bodies of water from the Barents Sea to Chukotka, capturing almost the entire basin of the Arctic Ocean. The Baltic basin also inhabits: it can often be seen in Karelia, in the Gulf of Finland. And in Transbaikalia, especially in the Bounty Lakes, a special unique subspecies of whitefish lives: Coregonus lavaretus baunti.

Overseas, whitefish is found in the waters of North America, in the waters of Canada and Alaska. You can see representatives of this family in the deep-sea lakes of Switzerland. Some subspecies of this fish have been successfully transplanted into water bodies of other countries. So, for example, the miracle whitefish, now successfully lives in Japan.

Some species of this fish are listed in the Red Book.

Chemical composition and nutritional value

The uniqueness of whitefish is that its meat contains a large amount of fat, which is very beneficial for humans. This fat content is due to the habitat of fish in cold northern waters. Whitefish fats are primarily saturated with omega fatty acids, which are necessary for the health of the body. And their composition is dominated by useful vitamins such as vitamin A, which is very effective for vision problems, and vitamin D, which is the builder of bone tissue, which is especially useful for newborns.

The meat of this fish contains beneficial micro and macro elements, and a rich vitamin complex. The energy value per 100 grams of fish is only almost 90 kcal.

Nutritional value and chemical composition of fish
Squirrels17.4 g
Fats3 g
Water69 g
Vitamins PP2,899 mg
Sulfur174 mg
Chlorine164 mg
Molybdenum3.9 mcg
Nickel5.9 mcg
Fluorine429 mcg
Chromium54 mcg
Zinc0.69 mg

Beneficial features

Sig contains in its composition a lot of useful and valuable substances for the human body. Thanks to them, it is highly regarded both in the medical industry and in nutrition. This fish is in great demand among cosmetologists and culinary specialists. Whitefish is rich in folic acid, which is necessary for pregnant women to have a healthy baby. Experts recommend starting to introduce the meat of this fish into the diet already at the time of pregnancy planning, then the body of the future mother will be fully saturated with this product. And for the children themselves, this fish is also very useful. Since its composition is dominated by vitamin D, which helps babies grow strong, strong and healthy. It is recommended to include this fish in your diet for those who suffer from nervous disorders and are prone to depression. It is rich in whitefish and iodine, which has a beneficial effect on the endocrine system, restores the protective functions of the thyroid gland. You can not ignore the whitefish caviar, which in terms of useful properties and taste is very similar to salmon caviar. Often referred to as pink caviar.

The use of whitefish in cooking

This fish tastes great with any cooking method. It can be stuffed, fried, cooked, baked, salted and pickled. Can be used as a filling for sandwiches, pancakes and puff pastries. And whitefish cooked in the smokehouse will impress with its taste even the most sophisticated gourmets. Cooking this fish in any of the above ways will not take much time and effort. Moreover, this particular dish will be the highlight of the table, captivating everyone with its taste and aroma. Sigi are hypoallergenic fish, which is why they are often used in dietary dishes and can be included in the children's menu. In this case, fish cooked in a double boiler is very appreciated.

Whitefish recipe in a double boiler

To prepare, you will need:

  • whitefish meat - 400 g;
  • spice;
  • lemon juice.

It is good to clean the carcass of the fish, get rid of the entrails and scales. Rinse thoroughly. Then grate with spices and salt. Put in a double boiler, sprinkle with lemon juice on top. Steam for about half an hour.

Medical use

This healthy fish is widely used in both folk and modern medicine. Preparations based on it contain a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids (omega-3). They are recommended to be included in the diet not only for people with a deficiency of this substance, but also for a healthy person. The effect of omega-3 on the body:

  • anti-inflammatory actions;
  • improvement of brain activity;
  • concentration of attention and memory;
  • stabilization of the immune system;
  • recovery of the body after diseases.

Among other things, whitefish is recommended for people suffering from tuberculosis, it is useful to use in the prevention of rickets and anemia.

Sig also contains a set of vitamins and minerals, which beneficially affects the growth and structure of bones, relieves stress and irritability, affects the endocrine, and effectively improves vision.

In traditional medicine, whitefish soups are often used to restore immunity and increase the body's resistance. And fish bones, ground into flour, contribute to the absorption and accumulation in the human body of such a useful element as calcium.

Use in cosmetology

The rich content of omega fatty acids has found a response in cosmetic products. Whitefish fish oil is used in the art of beauty both externally and internally. Beauticians use it for:

  • creating masks against hair loss and brittle hair;
  • anti-wrinkle creams;
  • lotions for dry and normal skin;
  • anti-cellulite wraps.

Inside, fish oil is taken to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, improve the structure and quality of nails, restore and strengthen hair.

Whitefish dietary properties

Nutritionists strongly recommend including this fish on their slimming menu. The fact is that despite the fact that whitefish is considered a very oily fish, its fat is easily absorbed by the body. That is why it is considered a very nutritious food, and contributes to the saturation of the body with the energy and energy necessary for playing sports. In this case, preference should be given to boiled, baked whitefish, or steamed.

Harm and contraindications

Sig is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the components included in its composition and with allergies to fish and seafood. Raw whitefish meat should not be consumed so as not to cause parasite larvae to enter the body. It is best to buy fish in certified stores to ensure product quality. The fact is that many pathogens and hazardous substances have the peculiarity to accumulate in fish meat, if it is found in contaminated sources. It is better to use fish from ecologically clean areas of its habitat.


Whitefish is a valuable commercial fish, widely distributed in the northern waters of Europe, the USA and Russia. Its composition is rich in useful omega acids, trace elements and vitamins that can provide the body with the substances necessary for its proper and flawless functioning. Its vitamins A, D and folic acid are recommended for use during pregnancy, for the harmonious development and growth of the fetus. The product does not cause allergies, except for allergies to fish and seafood, so it is often used in diet and baby food.

Due to unsaturated fatty acids, it is in demand in modern and traditional medicine. It is valued as a means of enhancing immunity and contributing to the restoration of the body. Whitefish is often used to prevent thyroid disease, as it is rich in iodine. With its help, tuberculosis and anemia are treated.

He also enjoys great love among cosmetologists and nutritionists. Fish oil improves the condition of the skin, nails, hair, is an effective tool to combat cellulite. With its small calorie content, whitefish meat contains fats that are easily absorbed by the body, and will help saturate the body with the necessary energy for an active lifestyle. And since it is an inexhaustible source of beauty, you can lose weight with it without fear for your appearance.

Whitefish caviar also has valuable and useful properties, and its price is several times lower than the price of red and black caviar.

Sig has virtually no contraindications. It should not be used for allergies to fish and seafood, as well as for individual intolerance to the components that make up its composition.

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